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Kevin Matthews Sign up

Post by Kevin Matthews on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:57 am

Wrestlers name:Kevin Matthews
Bio: Kevin Matthews is a down to earth and relaxed, but once you piss him off he has an attitude and an eye for destruction. Being born to a single mom who was twenty two and had to fight to get by. Matthews learned what it meant to struggle ,also from Kevin's experience getting picked on in Elementary school and some of middle school Kevin knows what it truly means to be an underdog. For this reason only Kevin is really close to his fans that have been picked on , and are the underdog themselves. Kevin is the starter of the dog pound movement which kind of works like the chain gain movement worked originally giving children a wrestler who they know will fight for them, and showing those kids to fight for what they believe in, and to not be afraid of bullies. Because of this Kevin spends the time he is not wrestling or training with kids who have been victims off bulling, and thoes who have been victims of child abuse. One day Kevin wants to open up a wrestling gym that helps those kids get their anger out in productive ways.

Pic Base:Kevin Owens
Gimmick:The Dog Pound
Specialty Match:Pound town( 5 wrestlers start out in the ring each man for themselves, once one man falls down in the ring the other four circle around that wrestler punching kicking and stomping them until he can not get back up if he gets back up then the match everyone is back to fighting for themselves. However if he can not get back up he is eliminated and the match continues until there is one man standing in the ring the victor.)
Favorite wepon(s): Brass nuckles
Entrance Music:

Regular Moves
Big Boot
Body Blow punches
Clothesline from hell
curb stomp
Kevin Matthews

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